Global Line Vermittlung e.U.

is active, professional, experienced and innovation shipping management in Austria, headquartered in Graz covering a network of our subagents. However... all operations are followed and controlled from our head office at Graz.


GLM offers you complete safety and security assistance onboard of your vessels. The main goals of our assistance are to: Assist a ship owners and/or operator in effective and useful implementation of a safety and security system established on board a vessel:

Assistance in reduction of a 3rd parties’ detention of a vessel (PSC, Vetting, Flag etc.) and to reduce accidents onboard a vessel
Provide a training on safety and security related issues
In generally raise a safety and security culture on board your vessels

services considering and providing on your request the following:

Ship General Safety Inspection
Vetting Inspection & preparation
ISM Audits
ISPS Audits
Navigational Audits
Onboard safety and security Trainings, exercises and Drills
Undertaking the Ship Security Assessment

GLM is a leading Seafarers provider for recruitment in Croatia and Montenegro who endeavors situations in the south-east European market day-by-day. GLM was founded in year 1984, originally named as Globe Marine GmbH – Graz/A. We as a company have been taking part of the human resources management group in Croatia with a successful outcome since 1984. Our roster consists of over 1,150 Seafarers in all Ranks/Categories for all types of vessels and offshore units, most of which are ready and able to join a vessel at any time. In addition, we are able to be part of and/or represent your Company in areas such as the southern part of Europe. GLM performs its operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the year around.

We are committed to meet your expectations.

Therefore, if you have any urgent request, please don't hesitate to contact us any time and we will do all our efforts to meet your needs in 24 hours.

Wir möchten Sie hiermit darauf aufmerksam machen, dass unser Unternehmen (GLM) Service-Assistenz für offizielle Prüfer (interne / externe Prüfungen wie ISM, ISPS, MLC, usw., ...) anbietet, für jegliche Flagstaaten. Unsere Auditoren sind sehr erfahrene und qualifizierte Kapitaene / Chefingenieure in der Maritimen Industrie.

Darüber hinaus sind wir, GLM, in der Lage, als Kundenbetreuer/-manager und Auditor zu agieren und bieten 24/7 Serviceverfügbarkeit. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Antwort. Mit freundlichen Grüßen.